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Shirring Tape Hook

Shirring Tape Hook

Canadian Drapery Hardware

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Workroom Collection: Shirring Hook 

For use with any shirring tape that has pockets. Metal and plastic variations available.


Shirring Hook 


  • 1⅜" (28mm) 

Packaging Details: 

  • Retail and bulk pack
  • Pieces per package
    • 1000 piece per package (bulk pack) (metal & plastic) 
    • 14 piece per package (retail pack) (metal & plastic) 
  • Master box
    • 1 package per master box (bulk pack) (metal & plastic) 
    • 50 packages per master box (retail pack) (metal) 
    • 25 packages per master box (retail pack) (plastic) 



  • X-50 - Metal shirring tape hook 
  • X-51 - Plastic shirring tape hook 

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